In the beginning

I was born and raised in Lucerne, Switzerland and grew up in a family where art was not only appreciated but practiced. My father is an accomplished painter and his art was displayed throughout our entire home. My sister chose to follow in our father’s footsteps and paint, and the first time I was allowed to use my fathers’ camera, I knew I was hooked. I loved taking pictures of everything that was interesting, beautiful and unusual and I continue to this day to incorporate those elements in my photographs.

How I got started

Although I had an expansive portfolio and had photographed everything from professional dancers to my children, I hadn’t presented at any competitive art shows. I entered “Rush Hour” into the West Chicago Arts Fiesta and was thrilled to be honored as one of the top winners. Shortly thereafter, I received an invitation to present in an artists’ self-portrait exhibit featured at the Orleans Street Gallery in Saint Charles where “Smiles All Over” was warmly received.  I was then encouraged to enter more of my photography into art competitions and had two more award winning photographs, “I’ll Always Take Care of You” and “View from the Kitchen Window.”  It was then I realized that I not only wanted to do more with my photography but also make it more available for people to enjoy.

My philosophy

Although framed wall art will always have its following, I wanted my photographs to become a part of people’s everyday life and be able to be easily shared. I took this idea and began creating note cards of my pictures as well as selling non-framed, matted photos so more people have an opportunity to enjoy my work.

Unusual photo titles

Whenever I am asked how I come up with the unusual names for my pictures, I tell people they are mostly the work of my sons, Sean and Alec. Whenever I have a new picture to be named, I sit down with both of them and we come up with names for the new shot.  Then we have a lot of discussion deciding which one gets to be the official name of the new picture. Of all the steps that go into completing my finished work, I think I have the most fun naming the photographs with my boys.

Art fairs

I have been featured at several art fairs in the Midwest and one of the most rewarding aspects of showing my art is seeing people’s faces light up when they find a photo they fall in love with and know the exact place where they want it to be hung in their home.  I also enjoy seeing people find the perfect card they need for an important occasion or have someone purchase a matted-only version of my framed wall art when the larger framed pieces are outside their budget. It gives me such a feeling of warmth to be able to share my work with people who appreciate it and that fact alone keeps me coming up with creative ways to make my artwork accessible to as many people as possible. I hope you will enjoy my photography as much as I enjoy creating it and would like to thankyou for your interest.

~Britta Renwick

Smiles All Over
Life has its setbacks but all in all it is wonderful and fun. If you ever feel bad, look at everything from a different angle and you will find a smile somewhere. That is my philosophy. I took this picture of myself in a mirror maze in Lucerne, Switzerland in 2005.